Daniel knew Israel’s time for liberty
was due hence his 21-day fasting
and prayers. God knew mankind’s
season for redemption has come
hence the cruxifiction of His Son on
the Cross. When it comes to divine
spiritual realities,their
manifestation is irrevocable
whenever the time is due. But you
may ask, when shall heaven reward
the wicked despite your long-
suffering? According to
Ecclesiastes 8:11
“Because sentence against an evil
work is not executed speedily,
therefore the heart of the sons of
men is fully set in them to do evil”,
however there is time for everything
which includes divine judgement.
We as believers must therefore
beware that however long God’s
patience is,our unrepentant
adversaries shall be adequately
rewarded. Don’t lose your faith due
to persecution, because help is on
its way. Soon and very soon you
shall say if you don’t lose hope,’my
period of divine laughter has



According to 1 Samuel17,two kingdoms represented
by a bush-based novice and an army General went to
war. Gingered by their various deities, one carried a
perfect war gadget with a well-trained armour bearer,
while the other bore some ridiculous ammunition. At
the end, one camp was known to be captained by a
lord while the other was led by the Lord of lords. The
story is about David and Goliath. The later came
cursing by his gods,the other just invoked the
Sovereign Ruler. Goliath had power, David had
authority. And we all know that no matter how large a
gate maybe,the right key however tiny will unlock it.
And no matter the size of our TV Set, it has no option
than to obey the remote controller. So while the
Philistine was cursing,David knew that causeless
curses can not stand. And at the end,it was like
modern Christians would say, ‘back to sender’. Nothing
can be sweeter than victory despite adversity. I pray you never to relinguish your soul salvation to the devil and his agents. God bless you as you dare the world for the sake of heaven. Please, preach this message to others around you.


Have you ever reached a point in
your life where your Pastor’s
sermons sound vague and untrue?
A situation where rhema tastes like
insulting philosophy, while doctrine
feels like bondage? Have you at all
faced the lure to querry God’s love
or even His existence? If your
answer to any of these questions is
‘Yes’, then you should know that
you’re not alone in this. To start
with, my faith as a Christian
notwithstanding, the love of GOD
had at a point made less sense to
me than why some women are so
freak about fashion.
I could have derailed then had a
particular scripture not come to
mind. That passage is Mathew
27:46 and it says,
” And about the ninth hour Jesus
cried with a loud voice,saying,
Eli,Eli, lama sabachthani? that is
to say, My God, my God, why hast
thou forsaken me?”
I then understood that for reasons
best known to God, everybody’s
trust in divine sovereignty will be
tested to ascertain who you would
call upon for help when the facts in
your head don’t agree with the faith
in your heart. It’s a prerequisite for
our lasting elevation. Thank the
Holy Spirit for the gift of
Interpreting tongues, we now know
the meaning of what Christ said.
The bottomline is, when you’re
tried,count it all joy,but pray like
Christ did. Mind who you ask for
help. The Scripture says we should
call upon God in time of trouble
and He will answer us but we all
know there is no worse trouble
anybody could possibly face than
when we are faced with the
temptation to sin. My advice is
that when God doesn’t seem to
make anymore sense to you or
you’re tried beyond your coping
capacity, just like the obedient
wilderness Israelites did,look unto
Jesus on the Cross. It’s like in
professional wrestling,a simple
handshake gives your team partner
the right to fight in your place. Stop
fighting sin, poverty or disease all
on your own. Invite Christ today
and watch Him fight for you while
you hold you peace. God bless you!


Let me use this as an illustration. ‘I
just spoke via phone call with a
lady whom I now consider to be
my best friend in human terms,
that is excluding the Holy Ghost
which I address and regard as ‘my
life’. But before we got this close,
our relationship was sometimes a
very testy drive. Imagine somebody
you’ve exchanged over 1,000 text
messages with in a single year
missing thousands of your phone
calls within the same period just
because she was always engaged
in other activities which I call
‘genuine excuses’. It’s the same
thing with Jesus. He’s always
doing something else of
importance if you’re off His will.
The point is not to complain as I
used to,but to find out what His
priorities are and then key into
them. According to Benny
Hinn,don’t always ask God to bless
your plans,rather find out what He
is blessing and make plans to be
part of it. My friend and I had
suffered partly due to my pride in
not realizing that I can’t top her list
everytime,after all we weren’t
married.Imagine more than a
hundred missed calls in a day, yet
love can be very stubborn and
obsessive atimes,so I demanded
more affection but got less instead.
The truth about God’s will is just
as written in Mathew 6:10 “. . .Thy
will be done in earth, as it is in
heaven”. Our prayers therefore
must be a reflection of His will,not
our feelings. The format is, if Christ
is engaged,get busy with Him. Find
out what His plans are and key in.
Stop battling to be an engineer,
medical doctor or lawyer when you
would achieve better as a street
evangelist or public Speaker; or
don’t force yourself on the pulpit
when you’re not called to serve in
that capacity. Whatever you want
to do,make God a constant factor
and priority. Don’t let pride rob you
of your peace as it almost did me.
I’m not saying my friend was
always right or that I was always
wrong,but that if it’s about your
heart desire, however minor or


1) State the distinction between a
testimony of soul salvation and the
evidence of soul salvation?
2) Name any 5 prophecies in
Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 fulfilled by
the Apostles in the book of Acts.
) It is known that Jesus never said
‘Sorry’ on record, explain why?
4) State ten prophetic distinctions
between Goshen and Canaan.
5) Compare and contrast the 3 new
testament books that doesn’t end
with the word ‘AMEN’.
6) Analyse the theological
significance of the Greek word
‘Genesis(origin)’ as a replacement
for the Hebrew word ‘Bereshith(in
the beginning)’ as title for the first
book of the Holy Bible.
6) Review the relevance of Pilate
and the role of Judas Iscariot in the
redemptive regime of Christ in the
Church today as regards the world
7) Define the term ‘symphonic
eloquence’ using Psalms 61 and
8) Describe ‘sin’ as a person,
kingdom, and death.
9) State the dogmatic essence of
each of the seven prayer requests
given by Christ.
10) Defend the idea of trinity using
the events during the baptism of
Jesus,and eternity using Genesis
Chapter 1 and Revelation Chapter


Hey! Please,I request your
comment on this note. Now take
your mind off your orthodox Church
doctrine. I too grew up in Qua Iboe
Church and spent 20 years there.
Thereafter, I worshipped 3 years
part-time with Deeper Life but now
I’m settled in Liberty Gospel
Church, a deliverance ministry with
a difference. In all these three
assemblies,the phrase ‘call to
worship’ is used as part of general
worship service protocol. Yet I
want to talk about worship briefly
though,as a habit not a item or
deed on a Church agenda.
It’s written,without faith it’s
impossible to please God, but I say
without worship it’s impossible to
be pleased by God. When Christ
taught his disciples how to pray in
Mathew 6,He affirmed the
irrevocable relevance of
acknowledging the sovereignty and
supremacy of God first before any
other thing. When the canaanite
mother besought Jesus to heal her
child in Mathew 15,she could only
get Christ’ attention after she
worshipped Him. Before now,her
prayers as noted by the disciples,
was a mere noise. When Peter was
afraid and sinking in the sea wave
in Mathew 14:30,his emergency
prayer to Christ began by
acknowledging His lordship. When
Nehemiah in Nehemiah 1 and 2,
had a burden to rebuild a deserted
Israel, it was during his service to
the king first, that his sad
countenance was noticed. In
Genesis 1,it was when the earth
submitted itself to the brooding by
the Holy Spirit that its problem of
darkness was solved.
Now I want you to review your own
prayer life. Do you give God a 2-
minute praise,30-second
apology,30-second benediction but
1 hour plus 58-minute warfare
prayer? Do you even know the
difference between praise and
worship? According to
Eccle12:13-14, our duties as
humans are clearly spelt out and
everything we do including
common activities like bathing,
toothpicking, yawning, sleeping,
eating, career, etc must ALWAYS
reflect this. If you want your
prayers answered quickly, learn to
give God the firstfruits of your
prayers,then watchout how He will
respond to your needs. In that
Nehemiah2:4-5,it shows the
troubled man didn’t even know
exactly how to heal his homeland
hence his emergency prayer to God
before he tendered his request to
his master. Are you having
problems big enough for notice yet
with solution beyond your
knowledge, capacity and means?
Then learn to worship God,and
while doing that,take your mind off
your pains and ruins. Just worship
God whether you enjoy it or the
sadness is still roaring and biting.
If you want to be pleased by
God,try resisting the selfish urge to
always hastily round-up worship
and move into supplication. It pays
to glorify God first and last. He
doesn’t finish a faith He didn’t
author or was not dedicated to
Him from the beginning. I
sometimes address Him as
Jehovah Jealous according to
Exodus34:14. This morning He
asked me to spend my covenant
night prayer times more on
worship and plea for spiritual
endowments, and hopefully by His
grace that’s what my best friend
and I shall be doing. As for you,it’s
a call to worship and it’s better
than a call from the presidency of
any country. I’m on a covenant to
‘test’ God and see where He will
take my Pearl and I to in our
spiritual lives and other material
stuff if we dedicate a whole year of
intensive worship to Him. I believe
you can join us and let us together
give the world an irresistible
reason to come to Christ. I
prophesy by the Word of God that
as you seek the pleasure of God
first and foremost,the burdens of
your heart shall be answered as
fast as you need.God bless you as
you begin to worship God now or
again in Spirit and in Truth in
Jesus name,AMEN.


I was sharing the Holy Scripture
with my Pearl about 3 months ago
and we came to realize and agree
that there are 3 kinds of enemies to
a genuine Christian. The 1st and
simplest are those who want you
immediately dead. Example is the
assassin. The 2nd which are more
dangerous than the 1st are those
who don’t want you dead yet they
desire that you to live but suffer.
These are the wicked political and
business rivals, occultists and
witches. The 3rd group which
constitutes the worst and most-
dreadful are those who neither
want you dead nor suffer but that
you should backslide from the
Christian faith. As in, lose your soul
salvation. That’s why, in the eyes
of God, a lady wearing an indecent
dressing is far more dangerous
than a madman carrying a loaded
gun. Come to think of it,why do you
fear death? Do you feel satan’s
major goal is to kill you while
you’re still standing in Christ and
send you to heaven even though
prematurely? What would be his
gain? The only Christians he wants
dead are those who are very
actively evangelical and yet refuse
to compromise, so that they don’t
keep preaching the truth.Indeed the
devil only attacks your wealth,
health, relationship, career and
ambitions if they are helping you
worship God in Spirit and in truth.
I’m yet to read anywhere in the
Holy Scriptures any man who
dared death for God’s sake and
was killed by the enemy as a
result. But I can remember Queen
Esther in the king’s palace, the four
lepers marching into the enemies’s
camp, Daniel praying against the
odds, Isaac on the altar, David
before Goliath, the 3 Hebrew
gentlemen in the burning furnace,
Jesus on the Cross who now lives
forever,etc. Until your Christianity
changes from ‘I shall never die’ to
‘if I die I die for God’, your faith may
keep scoring average with few
extra-ordinary results as proof.
May God help and bless you in
Jesus name, AMEN.



A lot has passed under the bridge
recently, and a lot too over it of
late. But first, I’d like to dedicate
this episode to the safety of the
over 200 kidnapped Chibok School
girls. I pray heaven sends angels to
paralyze the evil sense of their
captors while they regain their
freedom soonest. I keep pondering
why so much violence keeps
increasingly emanating from a
religion claimed to be so named
after peace, yet I give all glory to
the Prince of peace – Jesus Christ.
Having said that, I beg to focus on
the main subject – relationship. I
used to think about what really is
‘love at first sight’. As in, if there is
such in existence. I know the
human mind is curious and is
easily attracted to odds and
strangeness, but to fall in love
during the first phase of
acquaintance is questionable or at
least either obscure or ambiguous,
or both. The truth being, love and
infatuation though distantly
related, are opposing. Hence I ask,
how do lovers to-be see their
newly-met when they first see
them- as strange friends or as
friendly strangers? To answer this
question, I dare to appraise the
dominant tone of a relationship I
had with a certain fair lady I still
rate high but then dearly cherished.
She didn’t treat me with any
special affection or attention as
expected of true Christian lovers
but was a pillar of support and an
object of courage at many
instances. A case of a good friend
but a bad lover. I wasn’t perfect
either, I must confess.
You see before things spiralled out
of control, we both were growing
deeper in understanding but not so
in affection, yet we both knew our
bounds. At the beginning, there
was no haste or greed and this
helped us. We as at then realised
the invaluable expediency of
mutual openness and even though
we struggled at some points, I
taught her what men need while
she taught me what women don’t
want. You see, this wouldn’t have
been possible at first sight. It took
sacrifices only patience and time
could permit.
To claim love at first sight is to
blur the line between affection and
affiliation. Yet there seems to be
some notable exceptions. Such as
asking, didn’t Adam fall in love
with Eve at first sight, or God with
man, or Isaac with Rebecca? In
each of these cases, a rather sound
or roughly equal defenses could be
made in support or against. But to
buttress the truth is to first admit
the reality, which in this case is to
assess what is trendily attainable.
For those whose networking with
heaven is off, direct socialization
appears key. I’m referring to
courtship and dating. It’s healthier
to convert a friend to a spouse
than to be married before
becoming friends. And an average
marriage lasts more than forty
years before either partner dies. So,
why rush into what you have
decades to enjoy?
Finally, I advise as always that,
premarital schemes are primarily
for those who can’t decipher the
mind of God for themselves, hence
their need to be guided by the
counselling of the experienced. For
of what use again would be the
mere opinion of mortal man when
the will of God is already known in
a matter? So to the very spiritual I
advise, wait till you hear from God
but to the not so spiritual I suggest,
grow in love, don’t fall in it.


I remember promising to publish a
series of write-ups on love affairs.
This is keeping to that dream. On
this episode, I want to create just a
sense or two on the ills of greed in
marriage-intended unions. This
vice has destroyed much more
than often noticed. Such ruins have
culminated into societal trends due
to the world’s tolerance of them.
Before I continue it’s relevant I
point out that this write-up is
strictly for the decently and
faithfully betrothed(engaged).
Romantic boyfriends and
girlfriends are in no way condoned
or covered here.
There are just two points I’d like to
raise. The first is that greed is a
single child with triple parentage.
In every engagement, there is only
often the tendency to breakup due
to the fact that either or both
parties have not been convinced
that the partner is God’s will for
him or her. This ignorance if left
unchecked for too long often
prompts a secret unfaithful search
for a better partner rather than
bettering the current partnership.
This trend is more common in men
who feel because it’s their right to
make proposals then they are love
gods with unquestionable guts and
limitless jurisdictions. However, a
lack of this divine conviction is the
remote and umbrella cause of most
unfaithfulness. The triple parents of
premarital greed are lust, pride and
Lust has damaged even some
godly unions. The blinded and
biased envious desire to equate
one’s relationship with others
threatens peace and joy. People
also lust at what is happening
outside just to satisfy their
egomaniac sexual drive. This is
more common in men who feel the
lady’s refusal to mess up herself is
abnormal. Let me advise every
single girl there that lust is like fire
while sex is the fuel. And it’s
common knowledge that if you
want to quench any flame, simply
starve it of fuel. But if after sleeping
with him you now say he messed
you up then broke up, it simply
shows that you are a miserable
idiot because he didn’t commit any
sin which you didn’t commit as
well. The Holy Bible says that he
who sleeps with an harlot is one
body with the harlot. It doesn’t
matter whether the whore is male
or female. Fornication is one of the
commonest ways to transfer
demons. And if you demand
faithfulness from the same person
who either through or together with
you, is unfaithful to God, then you
are doomed for a heartbreak. If he
or she threatens breakup because
you deny him or her sex, let him or
her go to hell and tell all those
demons inspiring him or her that
you are cut out for heaven only, so
no compromise whatsoever. He or
she may rage awhile, even married
couples do and reconcile later. The
only cure for lust is love,
contentment and patience. The
temptations may come, but your
attachment to God and sincerity to
your ‘fellow born-again’ fiance is
key to overcoming them.
The next parent of greed is pride.
Do you believe there are still sane
humans who prefer marital status
to marital bliss? As in, there are
still so-called believers who would
call affluence God’s will whatever
the spiritual blankness of such
maybe. Men yet-to-be rich suffer
in emotional pains to keep their
fiances loyal and respectful, while
women who are averagely
educated beg in vain for affection.
Some parents and peers aren’t
helping matters with the unhealthy
and unwise pressure they mount.
The regrettable trend is that ladies
desperately prefer planning for their
weddings(a one-day event) to
preparing for their marriages
(lifelong). The last parent of greed
is fear. People sometimes want
more due to the insecurity of what
they already have. Ladies secretly
keep extra lovers because they are
unsure if their first guy will make
enough money in time to sponsor
their dream early talk-of-the-town
wedding event. What a shame!
The second point I want to bring
up is reviewing the aforementioned
umbrella cause – ignorance of
God’s will. I used to advise people
to take time and pray for their
marriages but now I say take years
and pray. If you can rightly discern
who is God’s will for you, you will
boldly fight off satan knowing God
is with you always. You will
decently show wholehearted love
and unconditional respect knowing
they are being invested for a
personal future use. Failure to find
out what is God’s plan for you will
almost certainly yield reoccurring
unease, regret and doubt in thef
relationship. You will often see
yourself confessing hot love today
for him or her and contemplating
the devil’s alternatives tommorow.


Today I want to talk a bit about
tolerance in relationship. So much
must be, however painful, let go if
love is what matters to you. Satan
may sometimes highlight the
hurtful flaws of your partner in your
heart to increase the anger. He
may so maximize the pains such
that the good character of the
person dies within you. If you react
with much rage as he wants you to,
then expect regret. During this
time, nothing besides God, will
support peace-making. Oftentimes,
you will have to lose for love to
win, with or without your partner’s
gratefulness. Wherever your mind
wanders to will yield hurts, during
this time. But God will often cause
the devil to let you freely and
willingly choose if you really want
peace by forgiveness or victory by
quarrel. It’s at this time, that your
Christianity(not just love for your
partner) is tested. It will take
everything to trully forgive. If the
union is altar-ward(marriage-
bound), then you must be willing to
plant tears of pains to harvest
those of joy. Tolerance, therefore, is
enduring temporary annoyance or
grief to gain or earn ease and joy.
You must be willing to tell your
relatives, friends and neighbours
that their roles in your relationship
doesn’t extend to expanding your
partner’s flaws and faults before or
behind you. Indeed, anyone who
doesn’t help heal your frustrations
while rebuking your own mistakes
isn’t deserving of your attention. If
you must love unconditionally and
remain faithful whole-heartedly to
your partner without bias or
prejudice, then entertain only
critics of your own bad habits, not
sympathizers to your anger. Never
forget, love is impossible if your
precondition is perfection. Learn to
pardon even without apology.
Christ is the Prince of peace, and
any voice whether human or
spiritual that says you mustn’t be
the one to apologize until you see
your own fault, can’t be from God.
Whatever makes you ashame to
say sorry again and again till the
the wound is completely healed,
can’t land you in heaven. The truth
is, if you want to be loved, then
love. May God help you in Jesus
name, Amen.