1) Never date or marry an
unbeliever, however religious.
Without God, satan rules.
2) Learn to agree with early, agree
to learn from always, each other.
However abundant your wisdom
and experiences are, there’s
something only your partner can
help heal.
3) Acknowledge tough times but
work mutually and hope for the
best. Never deny each other, if
there’s a quarrel, what you would
share in times of peace.
4) Communicate without barrier,
correct without bias. Secrecy or
lack of transparency only breeds
distrust and regrets – don’t blame
the suspicion.
5) With a smile, never fail to tell
who you love what you hate. What
you say is never more important
than how you say it.
6) Distinguish between what you
want and what you need. Don’t be
tossed by public opinions or mere
popular trends.
7) Share romantic ideals and love
experiences as is consistent with
healthy Christian relationships.
Until two hands meet, there can’t
be a handshake.
8) Insist on initiating peace moves
without attempting to merely win
arguments or justify self. Being
always begged doesn’t make you
right but cruel.
9) Note that most barked down
pleas or discarded complaints may
someday resurface as quarrels.
Groans ignored will gradually erode
mutual joy.
10) Never rate issues of trust or
respect as though inferior to those
of love. Jealousy left unattended
breeds suspicion; compliment not
granted buries loyalty.
11) Learn to create fun often just to
please each other even if doing so
atimes may bore a bit. Loves
begins to die when smile is extinct.
12) Discuss marriage 99%, giving
1% to wedding. The gate maybe
big, but the house is the goal.
13) However angry, never go
physically abusive during
arguments. It often takes an
unbearable time to fly a clap when
you’ve already landed a slap, or
14) Take finance and sex as
serious as water and oxygen. You
don’t need to have cash before you
plan together, or to be in the mood
before you discuss your normal
romantic fantasies.
15) Create a family of mutual
friends without taking for granted,
the already existing family of
relatives. Few things are as
discouraging as showing concerns
in a partner’s relatives or friends
without adequate and appropriate
16) Often create common tasks in
areas of mutual interest. Without
conscious attempts to bond, be
ready to welcome the devil to the
17) Avoid trying to impose an idea
however good, or trick your way to
an agreement. Only a self-centred
lover will consistently oppose your
godly decision, so be patient while
making your partner see reasons
with you.
18) Don’t quarrel no matter what,
because of a third party. You will
have reason to beg for joy
someday if you make your partner
sense even if wrongly, that you’re
taking sides with someone outside
the union.
19) Even in times of shaken peace,
pray for your partner without
ceasing as you would wish you be
prayed for. There’s no good change
you wish to experience including
habits and vices, that God won”t
help you bring it to past, and who
knows if what satan intends to do
is stop your prayers so as to have
an idle space to strike.
20) Prioritize the peace and joy of
the union above the pleasures of
teenage fantasies, peer sentiments
or personal selfish stance.
However well some of your
inelastic principles have worked in
the past, note that a sledge
hammer though good at the
worshop, is imperfect in killing a
mosquito on your television