Hey! Please,I request your
comment on this note. Now take
your mind off your orthodox Church
doctrine. I too grew up in Qua Iboe
Church and spent 20 years there.
Thereafter, I worshipped 3 years
part-time with Deeper Life but now
I’m settled in Liberty Gospel
Church, a deliverance ministry with
a difference. In all these three
assemblies,the phrase ‘call to
worship’ is used as part of general
worship service protocol. Yet I
want to talk about worship briefly
though,as a habit not a item or
deed on a Church agenda.
It’s written,without faith it’s
impossible to please God, but I say
without worship it’s impossible to
be pleased by God. When Christ
taught his disciples how to pray in
Mathew 6,He affirmed the
irrevocable relevance of
acknowledging the sovereignty and
supremacy of God first before any
other thing. When the canaanite
mother besought Jesus to heal her
child in Mathew 15,she could only
get Christ’ attention after she
worshipped Him. Before now,her
prayers as noted by the disciples,
was a mere noise. When Peter was
afraid and sinking in the sea wave
in Mathew 14:30,his emergency
prayer to Christ began by
acknowledging His lordship. When
Nehemiah in Nehemiah 1 and 2,
had a burden to rebuild a deserted
Israel, it was during his service to
the king first, that his sad
countenance was noticed. In
Genesis 1,it was when the earth
submitted itself to the brooding by
the Holy Spirit that its problem of
darkness was solved.
Now I want you to review your own
prayer life. Do you give God a 2-
minute praise,30-second
apology,30-second benediction but
1 hour plus 58-minute warfare
prayer? Do you even know the
difference between praise and
worship? According to
Eccle12:13-14, our duties as
humans are clearly spelt out and
everything we do including
common activities like bathing,
toothpicking, yawning, sleeping,
eating, career, etc must ALWAYS
reflect this. If you want your
prayers answered quickly, learn to
give God the firstfruits of your
prayers,then watchout how He will
respond to your needs. In that
Nehemiah2:4-5,it shows the
troubled man didn’t even know
exactly how to heal his homeland
hence his emergency prayer to God
before he tendered his request to
his master. Are you having
problems big enough for notice yet
with solution beyond your
knowledge, capacity and means?
Then learn to worship God,and
while doing that,take your mind off
your pains and ruins. Just worship
God whether you enjoy it or the
sadness is still roaring and biting.
If you want to be pleased by
God,try resisting the selfish urge to
always hastily round-up worship
and move into supplication. It pays
to glorify God first and last. He
doesn’t finish a faith He didn’t
author or was not dedicated to
Him from the beginning. I
sometimes address Him as
Jehovah Jealous according to
Exodus34:14. This morning He
asked me to spend my covenant
night prayer times more on
worship and plea for spiritual
endowments, and hopefully by His
grace that’s what my best friend
and I shall be doing. As for you,it’s
a call to worship and it’s better
than a call from the presidency of
any country. I’m on a covenant to
‘test’ God and see where He will
take my Pearl and I to in our
spiritual lives and other material
stuff if we dedicate a whole year of
intensive worship to Him. I believe
you can join us and let us together
give the world an irresistible
reason to come to Christ. I
prophesy by the Word of God that
as you seek the pleasure of God
first and foremost,the burdens of
your heart shall be answered as
fast as you need.God bless you as
you begin to worship God now or
again in Spirit and in Truth in
Jesus name,AMEN.