(1) Don’t weaken your partner’s
faith in and love for God.
REASON: Holiness and Truth are
the only antivirus and collateral
you will ever have in times of
trouble, if there’s any.
ADVICE: Prioritize family devotions
as much as you would your Church
programmes, and never support
each other to sin in anyway
(2)Never mock your partner’s idea
and worry or neglect his or her pain
and complaint however stupid or
REASON: Many lovers have
germaine ideas and feel genuine
pains but only lack the wisdom to
choose the right words and ways to
express them.
ADVICE: Develop the habit of
shunning every other person’s
opinion including those of your
kids, associates, relatives,
neighbours and friends about your
partner’s character while you treat
him or her with love, trust and
respect remembering it’s your
primary duty to do so
notwithstanding his or her
outstanding habitual flaws.
(3)Don’t dread or shy away from
discussing peppered issues no
matter how hot, hopeless or
REASON: Most sticking points not
mutually buried never die until they
breed something worse.
ADVICE: Amos3:3 says it all and I
strongly suggest you study(not just
read) it.
(4)Never assume romance and
money are less important than the
ring on your finger.
REASON: Everybody craves for
ease and pleasure, and in
marriage, the absence of these two
may threaten your joy and peace in
ways untold. Never ever forget that
marriage is more than a mere one-
day wedding event. ADVICE: Never
kill your spouse’ sex drive and urge
except it’s ungodly or unhealthy,
but work on how best to direct it.
When you agreed to marry each
other, you also accepted the
accompanying habits as well.
Discuss each other’s fantasies and
ensure you regularly meet them
lest someone else does. As regards
money-making and management,
without putting irrelevant and
demeaning pressures on the bond,
plan everything together. Men
please take note! Women beware!
(5) Don’t abuse the privileges of
REASON: Not befriending your
child, or trying to impose your
personal yearnings puts you in
direct war with the God that gave
them to you.
ADVICE: Everybody has its own
destiny and there can’t be two ‘you’
in the same family. One is enough.
You are supposed to train up a
child in the way he or she should
go, not to decide the way itself.
That’s God’s role. Many kids have
suffered because dad and mum
wanted them to study what they
called lucrative or professional
courses, forgeting there are nothing
like that. What we have are
lucrative careers. Check out the
professional singers, footballers,
farmers, dancers, carpenters,
athletes, caterers, etc. Please for
destiny’s sake don’t bury a child’s
talent for selfish reasons.
Everybody can’t be engineers,
doctors and lawyers. Let God’s will
be done. No matter how
disappointing initially, it may be, it
always turn out for the better.
Rather than bury a child’s talent,
bury your pride and anger.