According to 1 Samuel17,two kingdoms represented
by a bush-based novice and an army General went to
war. Gingered by their various deities, one carried a
perfect war gadget with a well-trained armour bearer,
while the other bore some ridiculous ammunition. At
the end, one camp was known to be captained by a
lord while the other was led by the Lord of lords. The
story is about David and Goliath. The later came
cursing by his gods,the other just invoked the
Sovereign Ruler. Goliath had power, David had
authority. And we all know that no matter how large a
gate maybe,the right key however tiny will unlock it.
And no matter the size of our TV Set, it has no option
than to obey the remote controller. So while the
Philistine was cursing,David knew that causeless
curses can not stand. And at the end,it was like
modern Christians would say, ‘back to sender’. Nothing
can be sweeter than victory despite adversity. I pray you never to relinguish your soul salvation to the devil and his agents. God bless you as you dare the world for the sake of heaven. Please, preach this message to others around you.