Teachers of the eternal Word must be careful when
they attempt to compare and contrast the will and
holiness of God. The truth is, contrary to popular
opinion, His will determines what is holy, not our
perception of morality. As in, whatever He demands to
be said or done is holy. For example, when He asked
the Israelites to attack and kill the Amorites, that act of
killing when done in obedience however abnormal we
may adjudge it, is holy. But if He orders that we spare
them like He spared the Edomites, killing such would
therefore be an act of unholiness. Heaven doesn’t have
a changeable culture like we here on earth. His will,
not feelings of men, not humanright, not democracy,
not popular trend, not enticing opinions, is holiness.
You maybe uncomfortable with certain of His
instructions, but that is only how far you can go. The
prophets were, the apostles were, but they all obeyed
Him nonetheless. It’s written, let God be true and every
man, a liar. This means He is supreme, ultimate and
sovereign everywhere, everytime and in everything. His
authority isn’t subject to human or angelic approval.
Though He answers our questions if He so pleases, He
isn’t questionable. So when we preach holiness we
must beware to inform our audience that it is defined
by His will, not our moral reasoning. That is why
heaven is for genuine Christians, not mere moralists.
God isn’t authoritative, He is authority.