Let me use this as an illustration. ‘I
just spoke via phone call with a
lady whom I now consider to be
my best friend in human terms,
that is excluding the Holy Ghost
which I address and regard as ‘my
life’. But before we got this close,
our relationship was sometimes a
very testy drive. Imagine somebody
you’ve exchanged over 1,000 text
messages with in a single year
missing thousands of your phone
calls within the same period just
because she was always engaged
in other activities which I call
‘genuine excuses’. It’s the same
thing with Jesus. He’s always
doing something else of
importance if you’re off His will.
The point is not to complain as I
used to,but to find out what His
priorities are and then key into
them. According to Benny
Hinn,don’t always ask God to bless
your plans,rather find out what He
is blessing and make plans to be
part of it. My friend and I had
suffered partly due to my pride in
not realizing that I can’t top her list
everytime,after all we weren’t
married.Imagine more than a
hundred missed calls in a day, yet
love can be very stubborn and
obsessive atimes,so I demanded
more affection but got less instead.
The truth about God’s will is just
as written in Mathew 6:10 “. . .Thy
will be done in earth, as it is in
heaven”. Our prayers therefore
must be a reflection of His will,not
our feelings. The format is, if Christ
is engaged,get busy with Him. Find
out what His plans are and key in.
Stop battling to be an engineer,
medical doctor or lawyer when you
would achieve better as a street
evangelist or public Speaker; or
don’t force yourself on the pulpit
when you’re not called to serve in
that capacity. Whatever you want
to do,make God a constant factor
and priority. Don’t let pride rob you
of your peace as it almost did me.
I’m not saying my friend was
always right or that I was always
wrong,but that if it’s about your
heart desire, however minor or