These are just twelve of the ways
you can tell you hate a person,
have not yet trully forgiven him or
are still keeping malice.
A) His progress or voice irritates
you even if it’s mutual or a greeting
B) You don’t enjoy praying for him
anymore except asking God to
judge him.
C) You struggle to agree that his
neutral public opinions are not
targeted at you.
D) You would rather prefer a
stranger takes his throne than
watch him sit and smile on it.
E) Future partnership with him is
the last thing on your love list even
though you pretend.
F) For every good attempt or peace
move he makes you have an
overwhelming excuse to pull away,
but adjudge his love as being
abusive until it’s sour and you now
have an excuse to condemn the
G) Sympathy for and gratitude to
him are now overshadowed by
memories of his past mistakes
which you before claimed you’ve
H) You would rather swim ninety-
nine wide oceans to hell all alone
than letting him hold your hand
across one short bridge to heaven.
I) Everytime you remember him,
you are tempted to alter your
personal definition of love.
J) When you recall your past hurts
and say people are wicked, you
actually mean he is evil. Example,
in your heart it goes like this,
‘Nsikan is wicked’ whereas your
lips echo different words.
K) Your liking for his relatives,
friends and neighbours is off,
though you pretend otherwise.
L) You make desperate moves to
fill the void his absence has
created in your life or heart by
attempting to link up with what’s
inferior or available instead of
making those few repentant and
reconciliatory sacrifices you know
would have helped heal the rift
between you two.