I was sharing the Holy Scripture
with my Pearl about 3 months ago
and we came to realize and agree
that there are 3 kinds of enemies to
a genuine Christian. The 1st and
simplest are those who want you
immediately dead. Example is the
assassin. The 2nd which are more
dangerous than the 1st are those
who don’t want you dead yet they
desire that you to live but suffer.
These are the wicked political and
business rivals, occultists and
witches. The 3rd group which
constitutes the worst and most-
dreadful are those who neither
want you dead nor suffer but that
you should backslide from the
Christian faith. As in, lose your soul
salvation. That’s why, in the eyes
of God, a lady wearing an indecent
dressing is far more dangerous
than a madman carrying a loaded
gun. Come to think of it,why do you
fear death? Do you feel satan’s
major goal is to kill you while
you’re still standing in Christ and
send you to heaven even though
prematurely? What would be his
gain? The only Christians he wants
dead are those who are very
actively evangelical and yet refuse
to compromise, so that they don’t
keep preaching the truth.Indeed the
devil only attacks your wealth,
health, relationship, career and
ambitions if they are helping you
worship God in Spirit and in truth.
I’m yet to read anywhere in the
Holy Scriptures any man who
dared death for God’s sake and
was killed by the enemy as a
result. But I can remember Queen
Esther in the king’s palace, the four
lepers marching into the enemies’s
camp, Daniel praying against the
odds, Isaac on the altar, David
before Goliath, the 3 Hebrew
gentlemen in the burning furnace,
Jesus on the Cross who now lives
forever,etc. Until your Christianity
changes from ‘I shall never die’ to
‘if I die I die for God’, your faith may
keep scoring average with few
extra-ordinary results as proof.
May God help and bless you in
Jesus name, AMEN.