1) State the distinction between a
testimony of soul salvation and the
evidence of soul salvation?
2) Name any 5 prophecies in
Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 fulfilled by
the Apostles in the book of Acts.
) It is known that Jesus never said
‘Sorry’ on record, explain why?
4) State ten prophetic distinctions
between Goshen and Canaan.
5) Compare and contrast the 3 new
testament books that doesn’t end
with the word ‘AMEN’.
6) Analyse the theological
significance of the Greek word
‘Genesis(origin)’ as a replacement
for the Hebrew word ‘Bereshith(in
the beginning)’ as title for the first
book of the Holy Bible.
6) Review the relevance of Pilate
and the role of Judas Iscariot in the
redemptive regime of Christ in the
Church today as regards the world
7) Define the term ‘symphonic
eloquence’ using Psalms 61 and
8) Describe ‘sin’ as a person,
kingdom, and death.
9) State the dogmatic essence of
each of the seven prayer requests
given by Christ.
10) Defend the idea of trinity using
the events during the baptism of
Jesus,and eternity using Genesis
Chapter 1 and Revelation Chapter