In a serious marriage-bound
relationship, two things will often
occur – a wrong that requires
pardon, and an excuse that
demands attention. These two will
help, if courted with care and
wisdom, to test and strengthen the
depth of love involved. To this end,
for joy to be, peace must first be.
Yet peace has its sources and
The devil can offer a false and
faulty version of peace. Such peace
doesn’t only collapse often and
early, but it also ruins more than
what it had helped nursed. The
other Source is God. His version of
peace is not as the world gives. His
peace is anchored on His nature as
God and love for mankind, and not
on any potential benefit or
avoidance of a possible disaster.
First, peace can be concucted as
motivated by mutual interests. As
in, people can settle their
differences merely because they
have a common or shared concern.
For example, married couples
could let go or forego their
grievances to avoid a spillover on
their kids. Actually, whereas it’s ok
to make peace, whatever the
motivation, it’s best if the
inspiration isn’t selfish. As in, if it’s
not to avoid damage, etc. It’s
perfect to make peace out of love
for the person involved, not just for
gains. As it’s written, Christ died
for us while we were yet sinners, so
love must decide how you respect,
why you trust, and when you
rejoice with each other without any
precondition. It’s the best form and
kind there is. Therefore if peace
must reign in your relationship, you
must cease to seek justification
before you forgive or qualification
before you love.