I remember promising to publish a
series of write-ups on love affairs.
This is keeping to that dream. On
this episode, I want to create just a
sense or two on the ills of greed in
marriage-intended unions. This
vice has destroyed much more
than often noticed. Such ruins have
culminated into societal trends due
to the world’s tolerance of them.
Before I continue it’s relevant I
point out that this write-up is
strictly for the decently and
faithfully betrothed(engaged).
Romantic boyfriends and
girlfriends are in no way condoned
or covered here.
There are just two points I’d like to
raise. The first is that greed is a
single child with triple parentage.
In every engagement, there is only
often the tendency to breakup due
to the fact that either or both
parties have not been convinced
that the partner is God’s will for
him or her. This ignorance if left
unchecked for too long often
prompts a secret unfaithful search
for a better partner rather than
bettering the current partnership.
This trend is more common in men
who feel because it’s their right to
make proposals then they are love
gods with unquestionable guts and
limitless jurisdictions. However, a
lack of this divine conviction is the
remote and umbrella cause of most
unfaithfulness. The triple parents of
premarital greed are lust, pride and
Lust has damaged even some
godly unions. The blinded and
biased envious desire to equate
one’s relationship with others
threatens peace and joy. People
also lust at what is happening
outside just to satisfy their
egomaniac sexual drive. This is
more common in men who feel the
lady’s refusal to mess up herself is
abnormal. Let me advise every
single girl there that lust is like fire
while sex is the fuel. And it’s
common knowledge that if you
want to quench any flame, simply
starve it of fuel. But if after sleeping
with him you now say he messed
you up then broke up, it simply
shows that you are a miserable
idiot because he didn’t commit any
sin which you didn’t commit as
well. The Holy Bible says that he
who sleeps with an harlot is one
body with the harlot. It doesn’t
matter whether the whore is male
or female. Fornication is one of the
commonest ways to transfer
demons. And if you demand
faithfulness from the same person
who either through or together with
you, is unfaithful to God, then you
are doomed for a heartbreak. If he
or she threatens breakup because
you deny him or her sex, let him or
her go to hell and tell all those
demons inspiring him or her that
you are cut out for heaven only, so
no compromise whatsoever. He or
she may rage awhile, even married
couples do and reconcile later. The
only cure for lust is love,
contentment and patience. The
temptations may come, but your
attachment to God and sincerity to
your ‘fellow born-again’ fiance is
key to overcoming them.
The next parent of greed is pride.
Do you believe there are still sane
humans who prefer marital status
to marital bliss? As in, there are
still so-called believers who would
call affluence God’s will whatever
the spiritual blankness of such
maybe. Men yet-to-be rich suffer
in emotional pains to keep their
fiances loyal and respectful, while
women who are averagely
educated beg in vain for affection.
Some parents and peers aren’t
helping matters with the unhealthy
and unwise pressure they mount.
The regrettable trend is that ladies
desperately prefer planning for their
weddings(a one-day event) to
preparing for their marriages
(lifelong). The last parent of greed
is fear. People sometimes want
more due to the insecurity of what
they already have. Ladies secretly
keep extra lovers because they are
unsure if their first guy will make
enough money in time to sponsor
their dream early talk-of-the-town
wedding event. What a shame!
The second point I want to bring
up is reviewing the aforementioned
umbrella cause – ignorance of
God’s will. I used to advise people
to take time and pray for their
marriages but now I say take years
and pray. If you can rightly discern
who is God’s will for you, you will
boldly fight off satan knowing God
is with you always. You will
decently show wholehearted love
and unconditional respect knowing
they are being invested for a
personal future use. Failure to find
out what is God’s plan for you will
almost certainly yield reoccurring
unease, regret and doubt in thef
relationship. You will often see
yourself confessing hot love today
for him or her and contemplating
the devil’s alternatives tommorow.