In a movie, a man saw a lady he
wanted to marry but she was
already tied down by a Church’s
oath of celebacy. To him, she was
an angel though without heavenly
wings, so he prayed thus, “God I’m
told in heaven You have so many
angels, please spare me this one”.
You see when you meet quality
(not just quantity), you’ll say and
do everything just to get and keep
her. You will be desperate in
owning her and jealous in keeping
her (Christ said when a man sees a
pearl of great worth, he will sell all
he has just to buy it), but the truth
at the end is that we men know and
want women with godly character,
not mere goodly reputation. Yes,
you may say that according to the
Bible, in the mouth of two or three
witnesses, a case is established –
so if she is reputed by two or three
believers as good, then it stands to
mean or be that she is actually
good. But we are talking love not
law, and because this claim isn’t
always the case, the question then
is, what if two or three believers
report her as goodly but not godly?
As in or maybe good for the Lord
but bad for ‘the’ Love. Hey! Before
you argue that it’s better this way
than in the reverse, don’t forget that
God Himself is love and our stands,
standings, stances, states and
statuses as Christians are rightly
so questionable if they are without
the basic quality or requirement of
love. However, what is primary or
basic in a Christian marriage-
bound relationship isn’t and
mustn’t be defined, decided or
designed by the man’s selfish ego,
riotous habit or ruinous lust. You
see God doesn’t cause confusion,
and the Bible says that He blesses,
makes rich without adding any
sorrow. So in my opinion, when
things habitually or consistently go
wrong, it is either the union itself
isn’t God’s will or the devil has
crept in. Then again you may ask,
does God really decide who we
should marry? As in can He point
to you who you should marry? My
answer is YES if you’re a believer.
If He is interested in how you dress,
what you eat and where you go,
why not marriage? Besides there
are many biblical instances to
support this assertion, not to
mention the fact that God, not man,
initiated the institution of
marriage. Have you noticed that
the best of wines any human
tongue has ever tasted was
produced by Jesus during a
wedding event? How about Him
likening heaven on seven or so
occasions to marriage in His
teachings and parables. My
favourite bible passage with
regards to courtship, engagements
and marriage is
Ephesians5:22-33. Believers mock
God when they rebuff His rebukes.
As a Christian, the Holy Ghost, not
your emotions, leads or guides your
heart to the right person. This
means contrary to the popular
opinion and report, falling in love
isn’t the ultimate and supreme
factor in deciding God’s will. 99%
of marriages including same-sex
unions are with or between lovers
who are in love, but we know God
doesn’t support sin. However, God
mayn’t lead you to a perfect lady,
but He will guide you to the right
one – the one meant for you. The
person mayn’t be perfect but when
two right people come together, the
match(union) itself (not any of
them) becomes perfect. As Christ
would say, from the beginning God
created them one. So there are as
many women as there are men, the
surplus are perhaps meant to be
eunuchs(I can’t tell). Finally,
please don’t be deceived – if it isn’t
godly, then it isn’t good enough.