Today I want to talk a bit about
tolerance in relationship. So much
must be, however painful, let go if
love is what matters to you. Satan
may sometimes highlight the
hurtful flaws of your partner in your
heart to increase the anger. He
may so maximize the pains such
that the good character of the
person dies within you. If you react
with much rage as he wants you to,
then expect regret. During this
time, nothing besides God, will
support peace-making. Oftentimes,
you will have to lose for love to
win, with or without your partner’s
gratefulness. Wherever your mind
wanders to will yield hurts, during
this time. But God will often cause
the devil to let you freely and
willingly choose if you really want
peace by forgiveness or victory by
quarrel. It’s at this time, that your
Christianity(not just love for your
partner) is tested. It will take
everything to trully forgive. If the
union is altar-ward(marriage-
bound), then you must be willing to
plant tears of pains to harvest
those of joy. Tolerance, therefore, is
enduring temporary annoyance or
grief to gain or earn ease and joy.
You must be willing to tell your
relatives, friends and neighbours
that their roles in your relationship
doesn’t extend to expanding your
partner’s flaws and faults before or
behind you. Indeed, anyone who
doesn’t help heal your frustrations
while rebuking your own mistakes
isn’t deserving of your attention. If
you must love unconditionally and
remain faithful whole-heartedly to
your partner without bias or
prejudice, then entertain only
critics of your own bad habits, not
sympathizers to your anger. Never
forget, love is impossible if your
precondition is perfection. Learn to
pardon even without apology.
Christ is the Prince of peace, and
any voice whether human or
spiritual that says you mustn’t be
the one to apologize until you see
your own fault, can’t be from God.
Whatever makes you ashame to
say sorry again and again till the
the wound is completely healed,
can’t land you in heaven. The truth
is, if you want to be loved, then
love. May God help you in Jesus
name, Amen.