Have you ever reached a point in
your life where your Pastor’s
sermons sound vague and untrue?
A situation where rhema tastes like
insulting philosophy, while doctrine
feels like bondage? Have you at all
faced the lure to querry God’s love
or even His existence? If your
answer to any of these questions is
‘Yes’, then you should know that
you’re not alone in this. To start
with, my faith as a Christian
notwithstanding, the love of GOD
had at a point made less sense to
me than why some women are so
freak about fashion.
I could have derailed then had a
particular scripture not come to
mind. That passage is Mathew
27:46 and it says,
” And about the ninth hour Jesus
cried with a loud voice,saying,
Eli,Eli, lama sabachthani? that is
to say, My God, my God, why hast
thou forsaken me?”
I then understood that for reasons
best known to God, everybody’s
trust in divine sovereignty will be
tested to ascertain who you would
call upon for help when the facts in
your head don’t agree with the faith
in your heart. It’s a prerequisite for
our lasting elevation. Thank the
Holy Spirit for the gift of
Interpreting tongues, we now know
the meaning of what Christ said.
The bottomline is, when you’re
tried,count it all joy,but pray like
Christ did. Mind who you ask for
help. The Scripture says we should
call upon God in time of trouble
and He will answer us but we all
know there is no worse trouble
anybody could possibly face than
when we are faced with the
temptation to sin. My advice is
that when God doesn’t seem to
make anymore sense to you or
you’re tried beyond your coping
capacity, just like the obedient
wilderness Israelites did,look unto
Jesus on the Cross. It’s like in
professional wrestling,a simple
handshake gives your team partner
the right to fight in your place. Stop
fighting sin, poverty or disease all
on your own. Invite Christ today
and watch Him fight for you while
you hold you peace. God bless you!